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When you come see me perform, I hope you take a moment to write in my Guestbook. Physically, it's nothing more than a small black binder that gets passed around the room so that listeners can contribute to its Introductions, Big Thoughts, Feedback, Multimedia, and Mailing List sections. But philosophically, the Guestbook is my attempt to bring the members of my diverse audiences closer together and establish a feeling of community at my shows.

And one of the best things about the Guestbook is taking it home and reading the witty and creative things my fans have to say. Here are a few of my favorite entries.


Your [sic] the O-Bomb
Your style is funky
funky fresh
old school
-- you are truely [sic]
the shit

Brendon Reidy
(this didn't make any sense to me either)

Oak Park, IL, 2/14/97


You have to wonder
How it feels to sing your heart
To coffee drinkers

I am torn between
The music and smacking the
Loudmouth on my left


Des Moines, IA, 3/28/97

Cactus lovers across the world are smiling at this conglomeration of happiness and shared emotions. Thanx for the tunes!

I like your guitar playing. I am 7 years old. From Kristina!

Ny name is Robert. I look like this. I saw you play songs to a room full of people in Davenport. Hooray for me.

Davenport, IA, 3/14/97

Dear Arlo Leach,

I like you. You are good. You're a good musician. Your music is good. I like it. It is good.

Spin some verse, thoughts disperse
Through waves of musical motion
How do you weave such an intoxicating potion?

Keep on truckin'!

Ames, IA, 3/29/97