Get It From the Front / Get It From Behind

The Memphis Jug Band recorded about 80 songs between 1927 and 1934, and all but two are available on reissues today. Those two missing songs were released on opposite sides of a 78 rpm record, of which no copies are known to exist. On side A: "Get It From the Front" by Will Shade. On side B: "Get It From Behind" by Jab Jones.

The titles alone give those songs so much potential that I couldn't stand the thought of them never being heard again. So I built a website to gather info about similar songs of the time and attempt to recreate what the songs might have sounded like. The following videos are my best guess based on the musical style of other songs recorded by the Memphis Jug Band in the same recording session, and based on verses from other blues songs that use a front / behind theme.

The videos were performed by the How Long Jug Band, recorded by Zach Powers and edited by me.

Get It From the Front

Inspired by "You Gotta Have That Thing" and "I Got Good Taters" (1932)


Get It From Behind

Inspried by "Bottle It Up and Go" and "You Gotta Have That Thing" (1932)